Mr. Gutzmer

Welcome!  This school year I will be teaching CIS Calculus, a concurrent enrollment class through the University of Minnesota  Calculus, Advanced Pre-Calculus and Algebra 2A, which is a year long class that covers the first half of Advanced Algebra 2.  I am also the Boys and Girls golf coach at JHS.

I am originally from Mason City, Iowa.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Iowa State University and a Masters of Science degree in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.  I have taught in Arizona, Iowa and in Jordan since 1998.

Please feel free to email at or call me 952-492-4416 with any questions or concerns.

**ALL Algebra 2A students are REQUIRED to have a GRAPHING CALCULATOR (TI-83 or TI 84).

Contact: Mr. Gutzmer