Erin Hjelmeland
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 -- First Day of School Assignment 

All students in my English 10, Practical Writing, and Technical English classes should see the posted assignment in Schoology for work. 
I have assigned all students to the Schoology courses. 

Please access the course calendar and content located in Schoology to stay current on classroom happenings:
English 10
English 10 covers a wide range of content areas. The class focuses on units in grammar, writing, novels, short stories, vocabulary, poetry, and mythology.
Technical English
Technical English is offered as junior and senior level English class for learners needing additional practice in the foundations of language arts. Technical English covers all areas of Language Arts including but not limited to vocabulary, literature, professional development, drama, public speaking, and journalism.
Practical Writing
Practical Writing is a middle level writing course for junior and senior students. This course will focus on all areas of academic writing including mechanical aspects of writing and research writing. This course will satisfy the required writing credit for juniors and seniors.