Welcome to my Webpage!
Welcome to my webpage. I teach Spanish 2, Advanced Spanish 2, and Advanced Spanish 3, and SAIL at Jordan High School.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

On the first day of school - Tuesday - you will be doing assignments from home via Schoology.  I have entered almost all of you into the system.  If you do NOT see the class you are scheduled to be in in your Schoology account please add yourself by using the following codes.

1st Hour - Spanish 2     Q2HVM-KJJV4

2nd Hour - Advanced Spanish 2       BCM9T-T72KS

5th Hour Spanish 2     GB4NG-DSNXP

7th Hour Spanish 3    8G833-MQBF9 

My e-mail address is lleary@isd717.org

My phone number is 952-492-4426.

Advanced Spanish 2
Advanced Spanish 3