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Public Speaking
This semester course provides students opportunities to study and practice different rhetorical styles with the goal of effectively transmitting ideas to an audience. Types of speeches include demonstration, informative, persuasive, oral interpretation, impromptu, special occasion, and advertisements. At the completion of this course, students will be able to plan, organize, present, and evaluate many different types of oral presentations. Students will also learn to use different types of technology to enhance their presentations.

Schoology Access Codes:

1st Hour: XC6SV-QN34V

2nd Hour: RKS85-29FNB

6th Hour: 8BG7G-7SKST

Literary Studies
Literature Studies explores the methods by which an author creates a world with words, provokes an emotional reaction, establishes and defends a position, and demonstrates mastery of language. Students are expected to enter the course having mastered the basic literary concepts of plot, character, setting, etc., in order to develop more sophisticated and insightful observations of the literature assigned. Students will explore various genres, time periods, and purposes for literature.

Schoology Access Codes:

4th Hour: XZT6T-T9R8D

8th Hour: 28HHD-N7GF3

Mass Media
Mass Media is a course designed to raise awareness about the ever-growing centrality of mass communication in our culture. Major topics of study include advertising, television, radio, and film. Because Mass Media fulfills the English Communications credit requirement, projects are primarily presentations. The major assessment components are group video projects: an advertisement, a mini-sitcom, and a short film.