Karen Steinhoff, Language Arts Department

Ms. Steinhoff
Schoology codes:

Honors 10 5th hour: VVMK4-PT274
Honors 10 7th hour: BHZKP-BVGNS
College Writing 8th hour: F6MG7-KHPQX

Assignments for Tuesday, September 6, will be posted on Schoology pages. Please follow diretions and complete them before coming to class on Wednesday!

(Students in Honors 9 will enter codes for Schoology during class on Tuesday.)

I spent most of my life growing up on a dairy farm near New Prague. I attended Winona State University on a basketball scholarship, and I earned a degree in English and a Coaching Certification. I ended up actually doing my Student Teaching here in Jordan in 1983.

I started my teaching career at Waterville/Elysian High School; two years later I took a job at Montgomery-Lonsdale High School. I taught there for 11 years. Then I taught for a year at the International School of Minnesota before coming to Jordan to teach in 1999. I earned my Master's Degree from St. Mary's University in 2001. Currently, I live in New Prague with my husband, Fred; my cat, Honza; and two fish, Fanny and Spot.

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