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2nd hr US History = RVPVD-XMX2T Hour 2

  • 4th hr US History = 947TM-WZXC2

    Hour 4

  • 5th hr US History = DVDCZ-Z4NBG

    Hour 5

  • 6th hr AP US History = 2VN87-Q94ZB

    7th hr US History = DRXRQ-D3BVD 
    8th hr US History = MGRKF-GXMT2

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  • hr US History = MGRKF-GXMT2

Greetings!  I teach American History and Advanced Placement American History classes, as well as coaching boys basketball. I hope you will enjoy your experience in my class, and I hope to help you achieve your goals of academic success. Please go to our class Schoology website in order to keep track of homework assignments and curriculum content..

I am available to help students before school or by appointment. Please feel free to contact me (email works the best). Let's have a great school year!

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