About Me

I grew up in Jordan, attendeded Jordan schools, and am happy to teach here! Education is in my blood.  Both of my parents were educators before they retired, so I grew up listening to conversations about school, students and extra-curricular activities.  When I graduated from Jordan High School in 1993, I went to the College of St. Benedict.  I graduated in 1997 with a B.A. in English education.  I went on to teach at Montgomery-Lonsdale High School for 3 years.  There I learned that not only was education something I grew up hearing about, but I enjoyed working with students of all levels.  In my final year at Montgomery-Lonsdale, I began my masters of education through St. Mary's University and left to be the first English teacher at Holy Family Catholic High School in Victoria.  

Starting a new school is exciting for a teaching as I was able to help develop policies, curriculum and also do the physical work of putting desks and chairs together.  During my first year at Holy Family, I graduated from St. Mary's with a MEd and was exhausted!  After 13 years at Holy Family, I was ready for a change and knew the JHS was a good fit for me.

Although I began my career in education because it was something I grew up knowing, I stay because I love all aspects of education.  I enjoy the energy of teenagers; I love the subjects I teach, and I like to ability I have to make a positive impact on the students and community where I teach.  

I am happy to be part of the JHS team and look forward to a great year!

Contact: Michelle Spies