Highlights of the NEW Athletics & Activities Registration
  • Registration and payments in one location to include the ability to adjust for a family/student max
  • MSHSL forms, Sports physical forms, and concussion tests stored online
  • Coaches have immediate access to student emergency contact information
  • Streamline the registration process and less paper use

Athletics and activities are an integral and very important part of our total education program. We feel that the experience of participating in athletics and activities should be a part of the education of each student. Participation means being directly involved in an activity as a player, coach, manager, actor, and as a spirited fan supporting our events.

Voluntary participation in a good athletic and activities program will help you to develop health, happiness, physical skill, emotional maturity, team work, self discipline, social competence, and strong values. Athletic and activities involvement can teach you the true value of cooperation and the spirit of sportsmanship in competition as it exists in true life. Also, studies show that participation in activities is a good predictor of success in your later life.

You are expected to be students first, and athletes/participants second. Both of these go hand in hand. Usually the hard working students are the best athletes/participants. Be a winner in the classroom and on the court, field, or theater.

At the high school level, emphasis will be placed on skill level and attitude. Under any circumstances, coaches and advisors will provide an atmosphere where athletes who have the desire to progress and who exhibit a positive attitude will be given a fair opportunity to succeed.

We will expect you to give it your best effort without excuses, with total preparation, and with total commitment to your team’s cause. Win or lose, we want you to be proud of your effort. The privilege of playing for Jordan High School also brings additional responsibilities. First impressions are important and long-lasting. Only the highest standards of behavior in school, at events, on buses, in locker rooms, and during games and activities will be allowed. We will maintain a high standard of sportsmanship and carry ourselves in a way that shows class.

Jordan High School offers a variety of co-curricular opportunities. Our athletics include football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, tennis, basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball, golf and track, trap shooting club, dance team and BFS - Bigger Faster Stronger.

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