Mr. Craig Albers
I'm extremely intense about how I approach things. That's the way I am. I don't believe in compromising everything. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing with a commitment to excellence and hard work ethic. I don't see any reason to just go through the motions.

I am currently in my 23rd year of teaching, 17th here in Jordan after joining the staff in 2000.  This year I will be teaching Accounting, Careers, General Business, Personal Finance, Sports & Entertainment Marketing and 8th Grade Computers.


I received my bachelor's degree in business education with a minor in computer education from Dakota State University, where I also participated in football and track.  I also graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, where I received my MA in Educational Leadership. I am currently working towards an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree through the University of South Dakota.


I am married to Linda and have three children, daughter Sydney and twin boys Hudson and Hayden.

Be curious always. Knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it!
This course is designed to provide an understanding of the basic accounting concepts. Students will complete and explain the purpose of the various steps in the accounting cycle. Students will apply generally accepted accounting principles as they prepare, interpret and analyze accounting financial statements.
Students will assess their abilities and interests & select a variety of Careers to research where they may find success. Students explore a variety of career clusters & learn in depth about their top choice. Students will understand how technology relates to their career options. Students will have a working Electronic Portfolio that will include a Course of Study plan to assist the student in class selections for career & college readiness.