The Jordan Athletic Program’s Maximum Athletic Performance Camp is a program designed to help each athlete enhance their overall athleticism.  This is not a power lifting program, and is not a football only program.  This is an ATHLETE program.  Our focus is on providing Jordan Athletes with the tools necessary to excel in athletic competition next season, and compete for Championships in all we do.   The program will focus on developing the athlete’s strength, power, speed, flexibility, agility, explosiveness, and core strength.  There will also be components designed to develop team unity, mental toughness, leadership, and school pride.  Athletes will be educated on the importance of exercise, rest, injury prevention, and nutrition to help prepare them not only for athletic competition, but to lead a healthy life style.
The Philosophy of the Maximum Athletic Performance Camp is:
  • Develop an ATTITUDE of excitement and competition every day.
  • TECHNIQUE is the most important aspect of strength and conditioning.
  • Build an ATHLETE  – (We are not building weightlifters, we are developing athletes through multi-joint movements)
  • There is no substitute for great EFFORT.
Summer 2107 Camps:

High School Camp (Male and Female)
Ages:  Grades 9th – 12th
Date:  June 12th – August 3rd  (off July 4th Week)
Days:  Monday through Thursday
Time:  6:30am – 8:30am
Cost:  $50

Middle School Camp (Male and Female)
Ages:  Grades 5th – 8th
Date:  June 20th – August 4th  (off July 4th Week)
Days:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Time:  8:30am – 10am
Cost:  $40
JHS and JMS Camp Details: 
  • Students should report to the high school weight room area.
  • Each athlete should be prepared with proper attire (Shorts, shirt, and athletic shoes)
  • Any questions regarding the camps should be directed to the Jordan Athletic Office (952-492-4399)
  • All participants should notify the staff on days they will not be attending workout.
  • To guarantee t-shirt availability register by June 9th.
REGISTRATION:  Registration will take place on the "Jordan Schools Activities Registration" site or you can download the registration form (located in the MAX document library on left tab) and return to the High School Athletics Office at 600 Sunset Drive, Jordan, MN  55352

Learn more about MAX:

What does camp a day at camp look like?
The camp will be designed around three 35 minute phases that will be worked daily.  
  • Strength and power component that will be conducted in the weight room.
  • Plyometric, Explosive Movement, and Work Capacity component that will be conducted in the gym and other locations on campus.
  • Speed and Agility component that will be conducted on the track and turf.
  • COMMITMENT PERIOD – All three groups will come together at the end of the workout for one large exercise that emphasizes mental toughness, teamwork, and core strength.
Why is this camp important for my middle schooler?
MAX middle school readiness camp is designed for girls and boys entering 5th – 8th Grade.  The focus of the program is to teach proper technique before all else.  This includes weight room technique on our five core lifts, proper dynamic warmup technique, efficient running form, and proper static stretch methods.  This camp will be divided into groups based off mastery of techniques to ensure proper instruction to all athletes as they are guided towards reaching their fullest potential. This is a great opportunity for young athletes to grow individually and together as the future of Jordan Athletics.

Can I get a Varsity letter for attending this camp?
In order to be eligible to earn a Varsity Strength Training Letter, athletes must meet the following expectations:
  1. Be entering grade 9-12 for the 2017-2018 school year.
  2. Attend a minimum of 22 of the 28 scheduled summer Athletic Performance Workouts.
  3. Perform at a satisfactory level for all attended workouts as evaluated by the Performance Staff.
  4. Demonstrate a mastery of the five core lifts (Bench, Squat, Power Clean, Dead Lift, Snatch)
  5. Demonstrate a mastery of the base plyometric, speed and agility movements.