JHS Student Council

Vision Statement

Building Leaders for Life


Mission Statement

The mission of JHS Student Council is to increase the leadership skills of all students as well as instill a sense of ownership and belonging within the student body.


Goals JHS Student Council:

  1. To build unity among all parts of the Jordan community.
  2. To build a community of students who pursue victory with honor and embrace the JHS PRIDE motto.
  3. To foster among students good relationships, open communication, intra school interaction on all levels.
  4. To provide all students a channel of communication through which they can contribute to the Jordan community.
  5. To provide opportunities for meaningful involvement in the Jordan community.
  6. To provide opportunities for students to gain leadership skills and an appreciation for responsibility and accountability.
  7. To provide activities and programs through which students may broaden their interests, enjoy new experiences, and simply have fun.
  8. To insure the well being and safety of students at Jordan High School activities.

Purposes of Student Leadership

  1. To present ideas of the student body to the administration and faculty.
  2. To initiate spirit producing activities.
  3. To build the morale of the student body.
  4. To develop a sense of loyalty within the student body.
  5. To promote unity within the school.


Student Council Advising Teachers

Amy Peters,  and  Michelle Spies,